Let's try this again, shall we? The weeks between our last post and now have been a tad adventurous. And I say "adventurous" because it sounds better than "really sucky". As anyone on the east coast knows we had epic rains last month, and while we were busy building our ark we walked by our basement door one day and heard the the sound of water. Not babbling brook type water but Niagara Falls type water, which it turns out was pouring into our basement window. Drama ensued. And now after one insurance claim denial, two nights evacuated due to mold treatment, and three colds, we're back.

When we moved into the house the basement was quite dark and rocking some serious paneling. It was fortuitous that the water damage required us to get rid of the paneling, and we took the opportunity to knock out the swingin' seventies bar as well.  Add a fresh coat of Decorators White and we've got a pretty nice clean slate.  We figure we'll make the best of our forced basement redo, and have created a mood board for our basement 2.0.


Come on in.


What better way to introduce you to our home than to show you part of our entry way.  A little about us - we love hunting for vintage and antique pieces to add soul to a room and mixing them with newer objects.  We want a home to feel cozy and welcoming with some fun and unexpected items mixed in. So without further ado I introduce you to: "Chester" That's what the chest in my parents house growing up was called and we have carried on the tradition.  When we moved in most of the walls were painted the same retirement home beige (I can only guess they saw someone on HGTV recommend a neutral color palette and took things a little too far) and it felt pretty dark and sad.  So we lightened it up with white paint and found this awesome chest at Ikea.  Andrew was obsessed with finding some colorful arrows to put in a vintage beaker (these kind of obsessions are a recurring theme with him), we stumbled upon the gold sea urchin on vacation, and the dung beetle involved some back and forth (me back, him forth, he won).

SOURCES: Arrows: Etsy.  Vintage beaker: Flea market find.  African Colonial Figure: Flea market find.  Bone inlay box: Ferguson Phillips.  Candle: West Elm.  Gold sea urchin: Spoiled Rotten.  African Dung beetle specimen: Goodwood.  Small bone frames and bowl: Ferguson Phillips.  Portrait: by Jenny Meilihove Etsy.  Sea Fan: Beach find in Anguilla. Convex Mirror: West Elm.  Chest: Edland Ikea.  Paint: Benjamin Moore Decorators White.

Charmed I'm sure.


When my husband and I decided to buy our first house that was a bit of a fixer last year, we had no idea the adventures that awaited us.  I look back and would like to pat us on our naive little heads, tell us that it's all going to be okay, but that we have no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  However as we dealt with less fun things like the home inspector missing gaping holes in our roof and finding that snakes and other critters had moved in while the house had been vacant, we have also thoroughly enjoyed putting together rooms and finding fun pieces and inspiration.  Not to mention adding an amazing daughter to the equation as well.  The house is still very much a work in progress, so this is our space to document our journey, things that inspire us and all the fun along the way.